Have you considered creating a smarter home?

Have you thought about bringing your home into the 21srt century? Or have you seen the latest smart homes go on sale and wonder what all the hype was about?

Technology has changed the way we live, work and communicate – with better wireless technologies and cheaper components, smarter homes are becoming more accessible.

The goal of smart home technology is to use sensors and wireless communication technologies to make your home safer as well as making your life more convenient.

Some of the things you can do with home automation technology include switching on lights, air conditioning or running baths, closing and opening blinds to name a few. With the influx of smart devices also hitting the market, you are able to connect your devices seamlessly and easily. You now get smart locks, smart lights, smart fridges etc which all can connect through to a hub or server.

Many hubs are now becoming available to consumers, such as Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomeKit or Google Home.

The downside to a full home automation set up is the high upfront cost – but there are ways to dabble in the smart home scene without going all out at first. Purchasing device by device is easier and cheaper – but beware – you need to commit to one platform and hub, ensuring that all the devices your purchase are compatible with each other.

Home automation and having a smart home set up is a major selling feature in today’s world – buyers are looking for houses that are already set up for network cables and have forward thinking with regards to technology

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