Is your tenant unhappy about this?

It can sometimes be tricky to know if your tenant is truly happy – but did you know that most renters are actually concerned about the consequences of requesting repairs? Some fear that such a request could end in a rent rise and others fear eviction.

So is your tenant unhappy with any of the following? – and how can you help them?

Mould all over the home

Mould is quite a basic thing to fix – but most tenants don’t often know how to, or take the time to let you know about it. Basic airing and cleaning should sort out simple mould problems – with more serious mould infestation requiring help from professionals. Mould can be very dangerous to health, so be sure to keep an eye on any mould sprouting in your rental homes.

Cupboards, drawers or shelves that are broken

Another common issue that tenants face is cupboards or drawers that are broken or difficult to use. But it’s not often a complaint that a tenant will bring up with you – be sure to check on any cupboards, drawers or shelves before a new tenant moves in. A squeaky cupboard door or a difficult to open draw can be emotionally taxing to most.

A snapshot of the kitchen

A home is made in the kitchen – often many spend a large portion of their time in the kitchen. Issues that can arise include poor ventilation, appliances that are faulty or don’t work, water pressure issues or even drawers that are broken. When last did you check in with your tenant on the usability of the kitchen?

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