The essential home safety and security checklist

Home security can be a major concern – for most of us, it’s one of our most valuable financial assets. A break in is upsetting – broken windows and door frames, the feeling of having your personal space invaded and the concern for the safety of your loved ones. Crime statistics obviously differ between suburbs and regions, but it’s always good to do a quick security check of your home from time to time.

Here are some key home safety and security tips for any home

  • Trim any bushes, trees or shrubs that are obscuring windows or doors.
  • All outside or external doors should ideally be of a solid core, making it difficult to punch a hole through it.
  • Installing automatic sensor lights outside help in illuminating your outdoor area when someone approaches. This will help you or your neighbours see if anyone approaches.
  • Check that your house number is big and clear enough so that it can be seen at all times of the day. This is important when emergency vehicles need to quickly get to your home and provide assistance.
  • Be sure to lock your garages or tool and garden sheds at all times so that burglars can’t gain access.
  • Install a front door viewer to help you see who’s there. From simple peep-holes through to closed-circuit TV cameras, a wide selection is available depending on what you can afford.

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