Tips on how to increase your home’s value today

The holiday period is a fantastic time for projects around the house that you’ve been putting off. Perhaps you’ve been avoiding your home maintenance tasks or maybe you have a bit of free time to look into increasing your property’s value.

Your property’s value depends on a few key factors – what the market is willing to pay, similar houses in your location of the same size, as well as the type of buyer your home will attract. Spending big on fixing up and updating your home won’t always bring in a big return – it’s important to do your homework and research while planning.

Easy and quick fixes

Smaller home-improvements can be a great place to investigate if you have a weekend or a minimal budget.

Such fixes that can really add value include updating the front of your house, cleaning pathways, driveways or exterior walls as well as tidying up your garden. Other quick home improvement tasks can be giving the inside of your house a new coat of paint or replacing fixtures and lights.

Bigger tasks with a bigger budget

If you have more time and a slightly bigger budget, then consider focusing on improving current areas – such as replacing cabinetry in the kitchen or reviving floors.

Bathroom re-do’s, kitchen overall’s and adding updated storage options can also add value in potential buyers eyes.

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