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Our principle philosophy is simple: Your property needs are our property needs. We believe that we can only claim success if you are 100% satisfied with everything we’ve offered. From our customer service to the properties, advice, and options we bring you, we’ve created YNM Real Estate with you, our loyal customer, in mind, helping make Your Next Move easy.

Our company gives you the confidence to purchase a home for the first time, rent, or step into the property market to expand an already thriving portfolio.

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How Heat Is Affecting Buyers Buying Decisions
Have you been affected by Sydney’s recent heatwaves? As we are going into autumn things are starting to cool down, but what we have observed is how the recent heatwave in Sydney has had an affect on the housing market. Generally speaking, temperatures are rising higher every summer – and higher temperatures are affecting home […]
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Wanting to Get Into the Property Market? Here Are a Few Cheaper Ways to Do It
Getting into the property market can be challenging – as a first time buyer without experience it can be daunting. From saving for a deposit to making a purchase that you hope will bring on returns, many feel overwhelmed and scared. With the right expert at your side however, it doesn’t have to be. YNM […]
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Do You Know Your Home Loan Ins and Outs?
Most people cannot buy a home without a mortgage. If you fall into this category, then it is critical that you avoid any of the pitfalls that may reduce the amount of finance that you may be granted, or alternatively cause you to be given a higher interest rate than you would otherwise have been […]
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Do You Know What’s Using All the Energy in Your Home?
Ever received an energy bill and wondered why it was so expensive? If you aren’t the person who leaves the lights on all day or runs your air-conditioner overnight, then you are probably wondering. With some appliances consuming more electricity than others, it’s a great idea to be aware of what is consuming all of […]
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What Is ‘Rentvesting’ and Why Is It Becoming So Popular?
‘Rentvesting’ is the term given to first-home buyers who are buying an investment property while continuing to rent the home in which they live. Why would one do this, you may ask? Well, as a first-home buyer, you may want to get a foot in the property market, but be unable to afford to buy […]
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Lessons for Any Property Investor
Most property investors have one goal in mind – to buy as many properties as they can afford and earn as much income as possible. But there are a few key lessons that you will find in any property investor’s book. Playing by the rules Property investing can be more successful if you know and […]
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