3 Things to Never Do at an Open Inspection

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Open for inspections give you the opportunity to properly walk through a house and ask the agent anything you need to know. But there are some basic etiquette rules that you as the prospective buyer should follow when viewing a home. Some of the open for inspection etiquette rules include the following:

Don’t like the house? Keep it to yourself

It can be very discourteous and distasteful to loudly claim your disinterest in the house you are viewing. Rather keep it to yourself – the seller and the agent would rather appreciate “no, it’s not for me”. Feedback is always welcome.

Opening cupboards and cabinets is a no-no

Breaches of inspection etiquette include opening cupboards or opening items that are not part of the sale. An open inspection is not a free pass to do as you please in the house.

Building assessments are not done at open houses

Bringing a building expert to run through the property during an open inspection is also a big no-no. Rather make a pre-arranged and separate appointment for this.

If you are at an open for inspection, and not sure if you can or can’t do something then be sure to ask the agent. The agent is there on hand to offer knowledge about the property but also there to ensure that buyers are considerate of the owners property. If you, as the buyer, need to use the bathroom then that is more than acceptable – and if you’d like to take a few photos to make note of the property, rather ask the agent for permission first.

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