Top Questions You Should Ask Your Property Manager

YNM Real Estate
20 December 2021

If you’re thinking about investing in property by renting out an apartment or if you’re already neck deep in being a landlord, you’ve probably already looked into hiring a property manager.

We can’t all manage our property investments like pros, which is why these experts exist. Find out how you can find the best property manager to handle your investment for you by asking these top questions.

What to ask your property manager

  1. Is There a Dedicated Department? – Property management is almost always only seen as second fiddle to the more lucrative sales division. That said, some agencies designate property management tasks to employees who work reception. That might not be the best idea if you want your property properly managed and handled, so it’s best to ask if the agency you’re looking into has a dedicated department for property management projects. Rest assured – at YNM, our dedicated specialists are there to take care of every little need you have.
  2. How Many Years Have They Been in the Business? – As with any other professional, experience will tell you a lot about how well a property manager will do their job. Start-up managers might not be the best solution for your problems as they might not have the proper hands on experience to let them make the right decisions when problems and issues arise. If you’re hiring someone who’s fairly new, you might as well handle the management project on your own. Make sure you have an experienced and seasoned property management agency to make the most of your investment.
  3. How do They Handle Prospective Tenants? – One of the functions of your property manager would be to oversee the process of taking on new tenants, and that involves showing them around the space.
  4. Can They do a Background Check on Tenants? – Before you take on a new tenant, you should know that they’re able to make payments and that they don’t have any negative records like criminal history. Ask your property management agent if they have the power to perform background checks on prospective tenants so you can save yourself from engaging in a potentially bad deal and incur losses.

At YNM, our dedicated, professional and experienced property managers are there to assist you every step of the way, contact us today!

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