Adding Personality to Rentals

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18 December 2021

There is always a difference between owning a home and living in rentals. Even if the rental property is amazing, there is a lack of personalisation. However small or simple a home is, it feels special if you own it. You also have the freehand to do anything you want with your home as long as you don’t break the law or violate the building codes.

Living in rentals doesn’t have to be so emotionally detached or generic. You can add personality to rentals in myriad ways. Here are a few simple ways to deck up your rental apartment or house to make it feel like yours. (Just remember to always get your landlord’s final approval before doing any changes to the house such as painting, hammering in nails etc)

• You could get the house painted. Many landlords will paint the property before renting it out to a new tenant. These paints are usually generic. They are not to the specific liking or preference of the prospective tenants. You can always talk to your landlord. If the landlord is forthcoming, then your property can get painted the way you want. If the landlord is not welcoming of your suggestions or not considerate, then you can propose and negotiate to paint the house yourself.

• If your landlord doesn’t permit you to paint the property, you can opt for stickers. Different kinds of stickers in various rooms will always add the unique personality you want. They are not very expensive and they are easy to get rid of as well (without leaving marks). The landlord shouldn’t mind and you will have a desired trait in your temporary residence.

• You may not be able to do much about the flooring, dados or any such fixtures which is immovable and relatively permanent. Faux solutions, from pictures to rugs for the floor, are amazing and they can deck up a property like the way you want. They are not very expensive either.

• You can always go for some cosmetic yet real changes in your rental. You can upgrade the upholstery, get some new curtains or drapes, change the lighting, use the layout and available space in a unique way and you can get a host of different accessories, from cushions to tea towels to personalise the rental.

• Try to be affordably arty in the way you plan the décor. From inexpensive artwork to potted plants, there are many simple ways to add personality to rentals.

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