All Natural Housekeeping Hacks to Keep Your Home Clean!

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18 December 2021

No one likes housekeeping or chores. But why not keep things green and organic with these all natural housekeeping hacks that will make many tasks rather simple and doable.

• Are you tired of the fruit flies? Use corks of wine bottles to shoo the flies away. Sling a cork or a few into the fruit bowls and you wouldn’t have the flies.

• Did you know you can repair the scratches on wooden surfaces with walnuts? The oils in walnuts will get rid of the scratches and act as natural sealant. Just rub the walnuts over the damaged surfaces, apply enough pressure for the oils to flow out and then rub the area with a soft cloth.

• Wooden cutting boards can be a task to clean. Fortunately, there is lemon and salt you can use. Sprinkle salt on the wooden surface, spread it evenly and then add about a half of a lemon. Use coarse grained salt and chop the lemon before using. Let the mix rest on the wooden cutting board. After five minutes or so, scrape the mix off the surface using a metal spatula or anything similar. Rub the surface with a wet sponge and your wooden cutting board will be impeccably clean.

• Did you know you can fix squeaking doors with all natural olive oil? Just as you would use industrial grease or some engine oil, dap a tinge of olive oil at the hinges of the affected doors and you will lubricate them enough to prevent the annoying squeaks. It is needless to mention that olive oil doesn’t have any volatile organic compound or any harmful and toxic chemicals as is found in lubricants.

• Did you know essential oils will get rid of cockroaches? Mix essential oils like peppermint oil or cypress oil, tea tree oil or a bit of more than one oil, blend that with some water and then spray the mix at the affected areas or where the cockroaches may have sought refuge.

There are many such housekeeping hacks you should seriously consider. You can use lemon to clean your microwave, you can use vinegar and a sandwich bag to cleanse your showerhead and it would be all shiny, you can use baby oil to retain the lustre of stainless steel utensils and you can disinfect sponges by microwaving them for a while.

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