Are you looking at putting in new kitchen cabinets? Don’t forget - Kitchens Sell Houses!

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19 December 2021

The kitchen is one of the most utilitarian features of a house. It is the only place where all your time is consumed by some kind of activity, from the everyday cooking to the chores, the special dinners to making yourself a cup of coffee. It is thus obvious that the kitchen will play a significant role in influencing the decision of any homebuyer. If you are considering selling your house, then you should factor in the possibility of kitchen remodelling.

Remodelling your kitchen will have an immediate and direct impact on your sale price. You would not only have an appreciated sale price but you would also be able to sell your property quickly. You could garner more traction and there would be less negotiation. However, kitchen remodelling is not a free exercise. There’s an investment involved. Fortunately, you can have a reasonable approach.

  • For the property value to get appreciated by anywhere from 10% to more than 25%, you would need holistic kitchen remodelling. From changing or upgrading the cabinets to getting in new light fixtures, you would have to walk the whole nine yards. For more reasonable appreciation, you can just indulge in some cleaning and reviewing the positioning of various installed fixtures or appliances.
  • Start with a thorough cleaning routine. Get rid of all the stains and odd spots. Clean the sink, the chimney, the floor, the dados and all other fixtures. Get all the appliances serviced if you are selling a furnished home. Get rid of all the junk that you have accumulated over the years. If there are some that have emotional value, then keep them aside in a box. Present a clean neutral kitchen, without anything that would be only of value to you personally. Just as you clean everything, clear everything that you don’t need or what shouldn’t be there. An uncluttered kitchen looks larger.
  • Once you have overcome the grime, dust and stains, try to enhance the aesthetics of the fixtures. Thorough cleaning, polishing or laminating may be deemed necessary depending on what you are trying to accentuate.
  • Work on the kitchen cabinets. You may have a modular kitchen or not. You may have walled cabinets. You may have metal or hardwood cabinets. No matter what you have, you should review the need to have new cabinets. Unless you have really special cabinets that would last another lifetime, consider getting new ones. Kitchen cabinets can age really fast and they can adversely affect the visual appeal of the property. Kitchen remodelling is seldom complete without new cabinets.

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