Avoid These Wall Colours if You Want to Sell Your Home Fast!

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Painting your property before selling it, or even listing it, is one of the quintessential requirements - not just to make the property presentable but to potentially sell it quicker.

Everyone prefers certain colours. However, in the search for a colour that most people will find attractive, you could get a bit stuck. You can go for designer paints or monochromatic shades. You can experiment, you can play it safe or you may do something completely out of the box. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t plunge into uncharted territories, so far away that you risk the sale. If you use any of these four colours in your home, then you would be risking the sale.

  • Salmon is considered so eighties that it is off-putting. Even if the homebuyers are young and don’t really remember the salmon taps, toilets, baths, basins, tiles and walls back in the eighties, they will still feel uncomfortable with the colour. While the colour itself has become tacky per most perceptions, it also raises a significant issue, that of repainting the house. Most homebuyers would want as fewer things to upgrade or change as possible. Not many people will have the money, time and inclination to buy a house and then make numerous changes or upgrades.
  • Pale lavender is another colour you should avoid. This colour simply doesn’t go with young families or even older couples. Pale lavender was once a rage but that is where it has remained. It is no longer in vogue and the colour strangely reminds people of their grandparents when they were young and the young today were infants. Pale lavender also tends to look tired.
  • Brown should be avoided at all costs. Once upon a time, brown was the default choice for fences, fascia trims, beams, doors, architraves and then walls. However, popular opinion of interior designers is to not opt for brown. The colour is distracting, it is not impressive and people may not even tour your property when they see brown walls. Brown doesn’t help with first impression and it certainly doesn’t contribute to a lasting impression.
  • Burgundy may have been a hyped colour for years, perhaps decades, but it is not one you want in your property. Burgundy instils a sense of seriousness that is borderline morose. People don’t want such heavy, sinking in feeling when they are touring a property.

Most real estate agents will advise you to go for lighter, more neutral shades – however, be sure to ask your local area agent before listing as they will know the current buying market, and as such, can offer expert advice!

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