Beginner Gardener? Here are some great tips to add character to your home!

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17 December 2021

Gardening can be a hobby, passion or simply a pastime. Whatever it may be, it is not easy. Ask any seasoned gardener and you would get a truckload of information. Gardening is a satiating exercise but it can be painful and tiresome. It could also be disappointing if everything goes south. But a garden is a great way to add character to your home!

Here are some great tips on gardening that every beginner must bear in mind.

  • Always start small and begin slowly. Do not aim for a massive flower garden or consider a bonsai to begin with. Start with small indoor plants that require little to no attention. Start with pots. You need time to understand soil, moisture, watering, fertilizer and how to make the best of different seasons. Understanding plants, herbs or shrubs is a completely different realm. It is advisable not to start with vegetables but then you can experiment on a small scale.
  • Start with the basics. Understand the nuances of gardening, the tools you need, the kind of techniques that you can use to plant, water and nourish the various herbs, vegetables, shrubs and flowering plants. You will need a substantial inventory of tools. You would also need to decide if you would engage in organic gardening.
  • Depending on where you live, you may not have a lawn or yard with soil suitable to grow herbs, shrubs, vegetables or flowering plants. You may have to plant suitable soil or you can opt for pots. The advantage with pots is that every pot can be unique if you want. You can grow a variety of plants. You would also find it more affordable. However, if you want a traditional garden then you should plant the suitable soil in the ground. Also, bear in mind the need to change pots depending on the plant you are growing and the type of soil you are dealing with.
  • Factor in the weather, the kind of money you can spend, the time and effort you need to put in and safety when you pick the first plants. Certain flowers are not ideal if you have pets. Some plants are unsafe for kids who may not know what to touch and what not to. There are many elements that will influence your choice of plants.
  • You must master the methods of mulching, pruning, land or soil aerating, fertilizing, landscaping and many such techniques to become a good gardener. You may have to hire a professional to help you in the initial phase. Everything from watering to composting may sound fun and doable but there are varying degrees of complexity.
  • And lastly, remember to have fun!

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