Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

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17 December 2021

A real estate agent is a professional broker who would help you to find the best property at a given budget in a specific location. A real estate agent will also help you to manage the reams of paperwork. He or she will oversee various exercises that are undertaken before, during and after purchasing a property. He is also there to keep you up-to-date with the latest legal requirements that come with purchasing or selling a home. A real estate agent is as helpful to a homebuyer as to the seller. It is more than just bridging the gap or bringing the buyer and seller together.

Let us explore some very important benefits of using a real estate agent.

  • The very first advantage is getting access to properties, that you may not know exist or are available for sale. Even in this day and age, there are some properties that don’t get listed online. You may not get to that particular page or you may miss it. A real estate agent with expertise in a particular type of property and having a base in a given city, town or suburb would know every nook and corner of the area, have extensive knowledge about the real estate market and would be able to find you a home you would like.
  • A real estate agent doesn’t just get the buyer to meet the seller but also helps facilitate the deal. Real estate agents can get properties inspected, they can get properties evaluated, they may inspect or visit properties and only take the buyer to those that have met the requirements and would be considered for purchase. A real estate agent is hence a facilitator who saves time, money and gets a lot of important tasks done in the process of buying a home.
  • A real estate agent can help with mortgage preapproval. Homebuyers, especially those who are buying for the first time will always need some deft help, be it the legal paperwork of property transfers or the mortgage application process. Then there are technicalities such as adherence to building codes, getting the blueprint of the property vetted, finding out more about the history of the property and checking with relevant authorities to find out everything there is to know about the property.
  • A real estate agent can also help with negotiations and put together the contacts of all required professionals such as plumbers, electricians and even movers, help deal with the Escrow and can help homebuyers avoid making poor choices.

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