Can’t Sell Your House? 5 Tips to Break Your Selling Plateau

YNM Real Estate
20 December 2021

One of the easiest ways to sell a house quickly is to utilize an agent. The agent will help get your house viewed and know what to suggest to help you sell your home as quickly as possible. If you end up with an agent that isn’t working for you, don’t hesitate to get a new one!

A key recommendation is to also do your own research and be prepared to help market your house as well. View other homes for sale in the area that are getting attention to find out what makes them stand out compared to your home.

Have you considered that the current market may not be in-line with your desired selling price, but if you’re home isn’t priced competitively it just won’t sell. If you can’t wait for the market to shift in your favour, come to terms with the idea of selling your home for less to help get it moving. If the home has been listed for a long time, it may also be beneficial to take it off the market for a while. Old listings may give the impression something is wrong with the home even when it is fine.

Another point of discussion important to note is that all potential buyers will see new listings before old ones, so it’s important to update your listing periodically to make it new and fresh. Be sure to include amenities your home has that make it stand out. You should also list your home as many places as possible so you can reach the most people. Make sure you keep the listings new and fresh!

Be honest and objective, does your house need a makeover? There are several budget friendly ways to make your home more appealing and more marketable. Invest in some new, neutral paint for the walls and consider updating the flooring. These two aspects can make a huge difference on the visual appeal of your home and may make the difference between a potential buyer walking out or putting in an offer. Take the time to keep your lawn mowed, plants looking tidy, and consider power washing the exterior of your home to help make it look fresh if you can’t replace the siding or get the outside painted.

With these simple considerations you should start seeing more interest in your home and have a buyer soon!

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