Community Garden Markets - Dinner Meets Waterloo Attractions

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19 December 2021

Just moved into Waterloo? That’s great! Now that you’ve settled in and found a place for all your stuff, maybe it’s time you explored the environment and found out more about your community.

There are lots of great attractions in and around the Waterloo area that can help make you feel at home faster. The Waterloo neighbourhood is a great place to meet new friends and join fun activities. The community garden markets are ideal destinations for those who want to become a part of the community through fun filled activities.

Community garden markets are great places to mingle with community members, make new friends, and learn about healthy living. These locations are exactly what they’re called – they’re gardens that are managed by the community. Here you’ll find a large plot of land with lots of vegetation, usually in the form of fruit and vegetables. You can join in and try to grow your own, or you can sample those grown by others.

Community garden markets offer visitors a great place to sample healthy food, purchase books, unique wares, and loads of other items. Spend the day sampling some delicious healthy meals, talking with locals, and learning more about Waterloo when you visit one of the many community garden markets in the area.

Some of the best Garden Markets are the Eden Community Garden and the Salvation Army Waterloo Community Garden which are both great options for first timers and those who are new to the neighbourhood. These fun attractions are open to the general public on certain days of the week and don’t charge a fee for entrance. Here, visitors can help grow plants with other people, purchase delicious healthy food, or simply mingle and make new friends.

Make the most of your new community and head out to find out more about your neighbourhood. Waterloo is a great place to make new friends! The community garden markets in and around the area are the best options for those who want to find out just what it feels like to be a local. Transition faster into the Waterloo lifestyle and dive headfirst into this great option for socialization when you buy your own Waterloo property.

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