Could Apartment Living Be the Ticket?

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Apartments don’t always cost less than houses. But most apartments are compact, significantly smaller than the average suburban home, and by the virtue of square footage may be a tad more affordable. More important than affordability is the lifestyle that apartments offer. Let us consider the advantages of living in apartments and why you should seriously consider it as a first-time homebuyer.

  • Apartments are almost always in strategically convenient locations. No one builds one apartment or four. There are multiple floors housing multiple apartments. These are large projects and there are hundreds of people living in the same building. The least you will find would perhaps be six to ten families living in a building scaling three or four storeys. Since these are larger projects than that of a house and one can build upward, apartments tend to be closer to cities and most are in the city limits. They are often close to bus and train stations. Anyone will find it easy to understand the plethora of benefits of staying at such strategic locations.
  • Apartments offer a community living experience. Many Australians will wonder how a small apartment can offer the lifestyle that one aspires for. Apartments don’t have enough floor space, there are no yards or lawns for kids and pets, one cannot have guest rooms or additional rooms. But apartments have common lawns, utility area, clubs or games room, park and recreation onsite, convenience stores nearby or at the ground level of the building and several other amenities. You could even expect table tennis and pool in some. These facilities don’t just cater to the needs of the residents but also bring the people together.
  • All common areas are taken care of by the collective contribution of all residents. No one must pay for any common feature singlehandedly. Costs of repairs and maintenance in a home cause dents in the wallet of the homeowner. Such costs are shared by all residents. There generally are dedicated property managers and staff for cleaning, maintenance, emergency and scheduled repairs, there is no need to mow the lawn or to water the herbs in the garden, instead there is more time, more savings and more fun.

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