Create an Easy to Manage Garden in Your Rental Property

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17 December 2021

An often little spoken about topic is the upkeep of investment properties. There can be a lot for a landlord to look after - and some tenants just don’t keep on top of maintenance tasks. This is often the case for difficult to manage and high maintenance gardens. There are ways to get around this - one is by not investing in properties with large gardens, but another way is to create easy to manage gardens so that your tenant has one less thing to worry about.

Here are a few ways that you can create an easy to manage garden in your rental property.

Seasonal clean ups

If the garden in your investment property is a luscious green affair, then it’s best to keep ahead of major gardening with regular clean ups where branches are cut back, grass along pathways is trimmed back and plants are given a trim to prevent them from looking scruffy. Chat with your long term tenants to ensure communication is kept up and everyone is happy with gardening professionals coming in to clean up.

Consider fake plants

Fake plants and Artificial Grass are great low maintenance options when looking at small gardens. They also offer a simple solution to landlords wanting to showcase their garden without having to worry about the maintenance aspect.

Low maintenance plants

There are some great low maintenance, indegiounous plants in Australia that offer you the option of creating a beautiful garden without the hassle of leaves or dead plants. Consider chatting with your local plant nursery before designing your garden.

Stones and ground coverage

Flowerbeds bring the problem of weeds - by using stones and ground coverage you can easily avoid this unnecessary problem! Stones also offer a simple way to bring further beauty to your garden without much cost, solving two problems at once.

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