Customise Your Home With These Simple and Quick Tricks!

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

Simple and easy tricks to customise your home shouldn’t border on any building codes or council regulations. We are not talking about building plan reviews and approvals or major construction – you can customise your home easily with just a few of these simple touches!

  • Paint the pots - upgrade the kitchenware, new appliances and buy some novelty items - all of which can enhance the décor of the place. Help make your house feel like a home!
  • While you could do this, you should also start thinking about your light fixtures. Light and lighting plays a pivotal role in setting a certain ambience in your home. You can opt for recessed lights - if you don’t have them already. You can personalise the lampshades or fixtures you have. You can go for pendant lights, ball lights, chandeliers or redo the whole lighting arrangement in your home. You can switch from CFL or incandescent bulbs to LED strips if you want.

  • Is your kitchen waiting to be renovated or upgraded? - there are many ways you can do so. You could get a kitchen island bench, a new countertop, build a new pantry and have a walk-in design, get some new splashback or dados, redo the floors or change the layout of the kitchen pertaining to the movable appliances. You can definitely upgrade some home appliances and opt for an overhaul of the cutlery, utensils and other accessories you have. The kitchen is the heart of the home, don’t be scared to add a bit of colour!
  • You could also look at raising the ceiling height, opt for skylights, get new paint, get a custom façade, add windows or change all the upholstery. This will help create that finished look to your home, add a bit of glam to an otherwise boring commodity.

Whatever you choose to do to your house to make it your home, always remember to go with what appeals to you!

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