Energy Saving Ideas for Home Cooling

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19 December 2021

On a hot day, sometimes it's necessary to use a cooling system for comfort as well as just to be able to get on with everyday life. But the amount of energy this uses can have a financial impact, which can make using your home cooling system a guilt inducing act.

This isn't how it should be, here we will discuss a few ways that you can save energy, and by extension money, on your home cooling:

Proper Home Insulation

While at first glance this may seem counter intuitive, a common misconception is that insulation simply ensures that your house stays warm compared to the cold outdoors.

However by ensuring that you have properly insulated the ceilings, roof, walls and floors, you ensure that the temperature within the house is separated from that outside of the house.

Using a cooling system will make sure that the cool air that is being produced stays inside the house and that the hot air outside stays out. Making sure the energy used is not being wasted trying to cool the entire street

Save Energy Across the Board

One way to save on the energy used by your home cooling system is to be mindful of energy waste in other areas of your home. Simple things like ensuring that lights are appliances are turned off and using energy saving bulbs can make a big impact on your energy bill, allowing you to use your cooling system without it just piling on top of a pre-existing problem.

Properly Maintain your Cooling System

Ensure that all the filters in your air conditioning unit are kept clean of dust and make sure that the entire system is working exactly how it should be. While this is often overlooked in terms of saving energy, when your system isn't working at peak efficiency it does not use less energy, it simply has less of an impact, causing you to increase its settings to make up for this and in turn, increasing energy usage.

Be Mindful of Controlling Draughts

In a similar vein to keeping your home properly insulated, you must ensure that any possible draughts are kept contained to the room that they originate from at the very least. To avoid draughts all together, make sure that you check all windows (you can shade the windows from the sun also with roller blinds and the like) and keep the doors throughout your house closed whenever possible.

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