First Impressions Count - How to Style Your Property

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18 December 2021

Visual appeal can be one of the most important things to consider when it comes to presenting your property. First impressions count! Whether it’s your potential new renters or you’ve decided to sell your property - or even when the bank comes round to value your property, it’s important to always put your best foot forward and sell the value that you see in your property. Styling is more than just putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls - t’s about selling the perceived value of your property to others. Some people need help seeing what you once saw when you purchased your investment property. Your property manager will also be able to help you with this part of your portfolio - so be sure to ask their advice! Need a property manager in Sydney? Just give us a call!

Here are some styling tips for your property.
Understand your niche and market

This is where your property manager will definitely shine! Your property manager knows the Sydney market like the back of their hand - and will be able to help you discover who your ideal tenant is. When you style your property, you will need to make sure to properly aim your aesthetics to suit their lifestyles. Are you trying to speak to a young family who needs a childs bedroom or rather to an older couple who would use an extra bedroom as a study or guest bedroom - it matters!

Create the story

Show the market the lifestyle that they can expect to live by renting your property. A tenant will end up paying more for a home that pulls on their heart strings and speaks to their emotions. Is your property tailored to the more luxurious lifestyle? Then take each fitting and fixture in the house into consideration.

Consider the size of the rooms

Styling plays a big part in making a room feel either small or cramped - or conversely, large and well proportioned. If you are working with a small dark room then consider how you can impact the feel of the space through the wall colours, light fixtures and furniture.

Keep it clean

While it’s important to ensure your property is presentable and clean, it’s also important to declutter and depersonalise the space. Styling should be about inviting a potential tenant into the home so that they can see themselves living there - keep it clean, pared back and simple!

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