Five things to look for when choosing your real estate agent

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17 December 2021

If you can manage to hire a good real estate agent, then you are halfway through to selling your property, quickly and at a desired price. It is likely that you would have at least half a dozen real estate agents based locally and there would be some catering to a larger area.

Whether you should hire a local real estate agent or someone having a citywide, or nationwide presence will be determined by the type of property you have. If your property has to be pitched to a select group of homebuyers or investors, then you may not do well with a local real estate agent. If you have just another home that hundreds of homebuyers would be interested in, then you must choose a local real estate agent.

Here are five things to look for when choosing your real estate agent.

  • The first attribute is the combination of experience and expertise. Experience is obviously the number of years one has been in business. Expertise comprises of the types of properties a real estate agent deals in and what kind of buyers one is accustomed with. Some real estate agents specialize in selling condos, some are experts at selling suburban homes, some remain confined to luxury properties while a few would be able to sell any kind of property. It is necessary that you check out the profile of the real estate agent and then determine if he or she would be ideal for your property.
  • Communication would play a key role in your correspondences with the agent and that of the agent with prospective homebuyers. Unless you can communicate lucidly, you wouldn’t be able to drive your point across. Your real estate agent has to be on the same page as you, he or she must understand what you need or are looking for and must work towards the common objective.
  • Honesty is a nonnegotiable attribute. A real estate agent should not paint a rosy picture and should not keep you in the dark. He or she should lucidly explain the reality and must give you an unadulterated perspective of the market. From assessing the prices to recommending changes, everything should be based on facts and not speculation or perception.
  • Check out the track record, speak with people who have dealt with the real estate agent and focus on the sales closed by him or her in recent past. You need someone who is at the top of their game.
  • Discuss the marketing strategy with your real estate agent. If someone cannot come up with a detailed marketing approach and doesn’t tell you how he or she intends to sell your property quickly and at a fair price, then there is really no sense in considering such an agent.

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