Get a Head Start On Selling Your Home

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Is selling your home on your list of things to do? Listen up! Here are 4 ways for that you to get ahead in your quest.

Get your home ready

It’s time-consuming – but getting your house ready for sale is one of the most important jobs before selling your home. That list of little chores and repairs that should be done before potential buyers walk through your home, or that clutter that you’ve been meaning to tidy up – these should all be attended to as soon as possible. Grubby walls, sagging hinges, scuffed woodwork, trees that need trimming and worn tap washers all need to be sorted.

What’s your home worth?

As a seller, you probably realise that an accurate valuation is essential for attracting the right buyers and for a successful sale. The most accurate way to get the best valuation for your home is to work with a local area expert – an agent who knows the ins and outs of your area. That speaks to our next big tip to get a head start on selling your home – find the right real estate agent.

Find the right agent

Your real estate agent is your first contact with potential buyers – they are the experts who have the tools, network and knowledge to sell your home. Be sure to ask your estate agent about their current houses on the market, their past successes and what background they have in the area.

Catch the right buyers

What type of house are you selling? Is it a large family home or a small pad ideal for a first-time buyer who’s a business professional – this will tell you who your ideal buyer is. Your real estate agent will assess your home and use this information to market your property.

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