Great Home Trends in Australia

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17 December 2021

Homeowners across the country opt for minor changes in their properties all the time. Such subtle and rather personalised changes don’t really contribute to any major change in trends. Once every few years, there is a tectonic shift in the preferences of homeowners. This is partly caused by changing preferences, sensibilities or personal choices and partly facilitated by the professionals who influence the decision of homeowners and homebuyers. Over the last few years, certain trends have emerged that have now become norms.

  1. Hardwood and natural stone have been the darlings of millions of homeowners. Be it flooring or the kitchen countertop, furniture or the deck, quality hardwood and different kinds of natural stones made their way into the homes across the country. Now, metal is making its presence felt. Metallic tones, shades, textures and actual metallic installations, from wall hangings and murals to light holders and furniture, metal is indeed invading our homes.
  2. Urban living has its share of pros and cons. The lack of access to a lawn, backyard or simple greenery around is certainly something to rue about. That has compelled Aussies living in the cities and even in urbanized suburbs to bring nature into their living spaces. Small portable gardens, decorative and even flowering plants have made inroads. They are more than just a fad now.
  3. Today, utility doesn’t have to be compromised at the cost of artistry or vice versa. Practicality has met design, courtesy the wonderful work done by countless designers and craftspeople. From stools to tables, cabinets to something as utilitarian as door handles, everything can be stylish and very useful at the same time.
  4. Bathrooms have undergone a significant transformation. Bathtubs have become an excess and almost irrelevant. Dual flushes and automated lighting have become common choices. Green plumbing fixtures are certainly finding wider acceptance and people are moving away from the cold stone countertops making way for warmer options, like timber and even bamboo.
  5. The most significant change in most homes across the country has been in the sphere of technology. Homeowners now want to have a smart home, complete with automation, state of the art alarm, integrated systems, appliances hooked to their apps, smart television and various other perks of technological evolution that don’t just make life simpler and more rewarding but also safer.
    Homes don’t have safe colours anymore. People have gotten bolder and they don’t mind expressing who they are. Also, the choice of colours in homes today reflects a certain mood, set a specific ambience and homeowners don’t mind the character that the setting exudes.

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