Have an Awkward Floor Plan? Here Are a Few Tips to Change Things!

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

There are three realities that one must understand about floor plans. One, an existing awkward floor plan has to be redone. A floor plan being put in place can always be tweaked to ensure it is not awkward. The third reality is that in both circumstances, you ought to adhere to the building codes. Often, it is not the mistake of an architect or the blunder of the construction company that leads to awkward floor plans. The layout and size of the property, the restrictions imposed by the building codes and personal needs can lead to an awkward floor plan.

Here are a few tips to help you change the awkward floor plan, without breaking your bank or taking down your home.

  • Have the blueprint of the whole property in front of you and map out the zones that are awkward. Chances are you would be unhappy with some portions of your home. Don’t touch the areas that are perfect or close. Factor in the zones that need to be reviewed. The kitchen, living room, sitting area and dining space are typically what demand redrawing. Internal walls and protruding fixtures or installations are the second concerning factors.
  • Keep structural walls. Don’t affect them in any way. You can always consider tearing down the internal walls used for separation of rooms. You can also opt for any kind of layout inside your home as long as you are not affecting the perimeter or peripheral construction. Building codes apply to the exteriors. Inside, you wouldn’t have to adhere to any design stringency as long as you don’t use any material that is not approved.
  • Do not look at a floor plan from the perspective of geometric perfection or precision. Check the floor plan from the perspective of utility. How would you use the floor plan, given the furniture you have, the space you need to meander from one room to another, how you would accommodate guests and what kind of installations you may have to factor in over time.
  • Many houses waste a lot of space. In some cases, the wasted space is in odd corners or just a strip of place next to some fixture. These spaces can be used in myriad ways. You have to use your imagination.
  • An awkward floor plan doesn’t always need to be redrawn and reconstructed. Smart utilization and remodeling of available space can do the trick.

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