Home Staging – Something to Invest In?

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18 December 2021

Many of us have had the experience of viewing a home, and being severely distracted or potentially even offended by the furnishings or other content in the home. Intellectually we can tell ourselves that we are looking to buy the house, not the contents, but emotionally it is so easy to get put off a home because of the way that the home is furnished, clutter in the home or even artwork that doesn’t match our taste.

It may be worthwhile to consider using the services of a home stager. Typically, home stagers are used for new builds or empty houses. However, with their experience, they could come in and provide very useful advice as to how to rearrange your rooms so that they are more appealing to a potential buyer. Sometimes it is hard for you as the homeowner to be objective enough to see what to change. Remember that your home needs to appeal to as many people as possible in order that you can achieve the best price possible.

Some things that a home stager may advise could include:

  • Removing any clutter in your home (family photos, memorabilia, books and DVDs, animal bedding, toys, fridge magnets etc) – this will allow prospective buyers to more easily get a feel for the size of the rooms and will make the rooms feel larger, more airy and appear to have more light.
  • Rearranging the furniture, and maybe even removing and/or replacing large bulky items of furniture so that the rooms appear to be more spacious, light and airy.
  • Renewing window treatments if necessary, again to freshen up the room and allow possibly more light in.
  • Renewing bedding in bedrooms, and making up beds with throws and cushions that complement the colour scheme in the rooms.
  • A professional home stager can be booked for an initial consultation for not too much money. If you are happy with the recommendations given, you can either make the changes yourself, or ask for a quotation for portions of the work to be done – or even all of it.

    You could be adding so much more to the selling price that you achieve than the costs that you will incur – and you could be investing in a much quicker sale as well.

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