How Technology Is Changing the World of Real Estate

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19 December 2021

With the way technology is advancing today, it’s hard to find an industry where it isn’t being used in some way.

Connecting with friends from across the globe can be done in just the tap of a screen, booking a rental car takes mere seconds, and shopping from the comfort of your home has been made possible through the internet.

Yes, technology plays a big role in the delivery of products and services these days, but people have yet to discover the great leaps and bounds it’s making in the realm of real estate.

3D Printing and Real Estate

A few years ago, a bunch of developers managed to release the first ever 3D printer into the global market. The machine basically allows you to print 3D versions of whatever it is you draw. If you want a print of a flower, sketch up your favourite kind and the printer will etch it out of special material for you. If you want a car, the process is pretty much the same. If you want a house, well, you get the idea.

While it seems pretty promising to think that you can draw what you want and have a machine print it out for you, this particular technology is still in its infantile phase and might not be the course of action when building a house any time soon. The reality is that it will take a lot of time before 3D printed houses will become a thing despite the way technology is racing these days.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that it will take a significant amount of material before you’re able to build a house, even one that’s just a few square feet. The second consideration is that houses need to follow a specific code that ensures the people that dwell in them will be safe from harm’s way. Printing a house with a 3D printer will take a whole lot of time, resource, and research.

As sci-fi as this could sound, printing a house is still a possibility. With the effort and expertise of experienced developers, we could very well enjoy the benefits of being able to print a house in the future. Today, 3D printing is focused more on the creation of décor and furniture, which has significantly changed the way we appreciate interior design.

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