How to Get the Best Sale Price When Selling a House

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

At some point, we all have to sell our house. Whether we are selling for profit or simply because we are moving to a new location, it's always important to ensure that you get the best price possible when making that sale, which for many of us, is the biggest sale of our lives.

Here are some ways to make that sale go that much easier so that you can achieve your target price.

  • Price your home intelligently
  • When it comes to setting the price for your home, be smart. Aiming high is good, but aim to high and you are unlikely to have nearly as much attention from potential buyers, make sure to bring in an independent property and real estate expert just before you go on the market (but after all improvements have been made of course).

  • Increase the value
  • Once the decision has been made to sell your house, take note of everything that needs to be repaired or upgraded (within your budget).

    Repairs are, of course, necessary. However the upgrades may seem more trouble than they are worth. Having a new kitchen fitted can run into the thousands and so, be sure that the changes you would make would increase the value of the property more so than the cost of making the actual changes.

  • Increase the perceived value
  • While the major adjustments to your house increase the value, be sure to make the house look as good as it can, this may not increase the price but it will make it much easier to sell. Think of it like a job interview, you would want to look your best when attending the interview so it stands to reason that your house should look it's best when you are attempting to sell it.

  • The art of the open house
  • You could scour the internet all day to find a million tips on how to conduct an open house. However, many forget the subtle changes that can make all the difference. Organise with those who live around you to ensure the entire street looks its very best, have simple music playing alongside soft lighting to create a welcoming feeling. These minor adjustments make it significantly easier to sell your house for your asking price.

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