How to Get Your Home Summer Ready

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19 December 2021

Summers are hot and in many places, humid. You should prep your home in spring so you don’t have to suddenly deal with the scorching sun and the unpleasant sweat. Here’s a list of some measures you can take to make your home Summer ready.

  • Start with Summer cleaning. All clogged vents must be unclogged. You should clean the fans, service the air conditioner and check the coolant as well. Get a technician to tune up the air conditioning system. You don’t want to head into Summer without an optimally functioning air conditioning system.
  • Winter and even spring are times when you would like a bit of a cosy setting in your home. Summers are not ideal to have things cluttered here and there. You should have as much free space as possible. De-clutter your home. This will also help with natural ventilation. Just as you clean the windows and doors, the meshes or the screen doors, you should also clean the fans and a de-cluttered space will allow more air to play around. This will have a soothing effect on hot days when you don’t have the air conditioning on.
  • Think of your lights. Winters call for bright and warm lights. Summers call for lighter or softer and cooler lights. You should not have any type of bulb or light that heats up immensely as it will only worsen the ambience. Lights, appliances and any object that is a source of heat will increase the onus on the air conditioning system as well.
  • Do not focus entirely on the air conditioning. Have enough fans in your home. Clean existing fans, have them serviced to ensure optimal performance and make as much use of natural cross ventilation as you can. Clean the exhaust fans if you have any, clean and service the hobs and chimneys, get portable fans if you want to use them outdoors or at specific places around your home.
  • You should have all the appliances that you would rely on geared up for Summer, from the refrigerator to the grill. You should defrost the fridge, make sure it is working properly and then keep using the freezer regularly. You should clean the grill and attend to the barbecue pit.
  • You may want some light curtains to allow the breeze in but to prevent the natural light and some heat at the same time. You may want to opt for plumbing maintenance. Summers would inevitably increase the use of water and hence you will need an unclogged system.

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