How to Have a Great Relationship With Your Real Estate Agent

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

Property owners and homebuyers have always said to have had a tricky relationship with real estate agents. At times, the relationship is extremely gratifying for all parties involved. In many cases, the relationship is a tedious experience. You can have a great relationship with your agent, provided you choose the right one and know what it takes to have a rewarding association.

Here is a comprehensive and very pragmatic guide on how to have a great relationship with your agent.

• Ensure that you hire a good real estate agent. Begin with experience. Don’t regret later that you could have hired a more experienced agent. Be certain of what you want and avoid making compromises at the outset. If you go against your preferences, then you have no right to blame the agent at any stage. At YNM Real Estate, our agents are experienced, professional and passionate about finding you the right solution!

• Focus on the expertise of an agent. You may want a house, which could be detached or semidetached. You may want a condo or a turn-key property. You may want a two-bedroom apartment or you may want to buy a five-bedroom house. Whatever you want to sell or buy, choose a real estate agent who has expertise in that. Be open and honest to your potential agent about what and where you are looking at – this way, the expectation is set and everyone will be on the same page.

• Now, once you are completely sure of the agent you are hiring, learn to trust. Many property owners think that real estate agents don’t have their best interest in mind. Many homebuyers feel that they are not being proactively attended to and that their needs are being ignored. Accept the reality that real estate agents work with multiple properties and clients at any given point in time. Homebuyers shouldn’t feel ignored if it takes agents a few hours to return a call. Property owners must not think that an agent is not getting in prospective buyers because of a lack of interest. The agent gets paid nothing and delaying the sale or ignoring a property serves them no good.

• Listen to your agent and act accordingly. Unless you have been in the real estate industry longer than the agent, he or she would know much more than you. Pay heed to the changes they are recommending, be willing to flex your preferences if an agent says so and try to offer reasons if you cannot react accordingly. This exercise will make you a team and that is always a precursor to a great relationship.

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