How to Hold an Auction on a Hot Day

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Ideally, you shouldn’t host an auction on a very hot day or a very cold day. Neither of the extremes is comfortable. Realistically, you cannot predict the exact temperature. Even if you have a fair idea of what it is going to be like, partly because of your own experience and partly because of the weather forecast, there is always a possibility of the heat notching up a few degrees. At times a relatively hot day can be very uncomfortable because of the actual heat one feels, mildly or severely worsened by humidity.

Locals will always be willing to adapt. Even those who are not from around and attending the auction will be willing to bear the heat to an extent. But you should be meticulous with your planning and must put your best foot forward to make the auction as comfortable as possible.

• When you are hosting an auction in the summer, a good tip is to plan an early morning or a late afternoon auction. An early auction is the best because the light is just right, you don’t need any artificial setups and you don’t have to deal with the sun over your head staring down directly and scorching the earth. Most early auctions finish by ten or at the most eleven which is before the mercury rises to its maximum for the day. You could plan a late auction too if you want. Work it out with your agent and see if the afternoon light will adversely affect the appeal of the property or the very setting where you would be hosting the auction. Don’t hold auctions at noon, just before or just after.

• Always try to plan a safe setting when you are hosting an auction on what would obviously be a hot day. You can host it in the open but have enough shade. You can host it indoors but you should have effective air conditioning. Having natural shades around courtesy of trees and other properties casting a shadow would not only be nice but also free. Do not plan an indoor auction if there is no air conditioning. Do not opt for any shade that will make a suffocating setting. Heat can negatively affect a buyers’ motive and mood.

• Hydrants are your best friend on a hot day. Nothing is truer for the attendants at the auction. Go for water, lemonade, sodas or soft drinks and you could also have other beverages if you want.

Show off your air conditioning and natural cross ventilation when the buyers check out the property.

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