How to Make Your Rental Property Pet Friendly

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18 December 2021

If you’ve also noticed an uptick in new pet cafes, groomers and other pet focused amenities, that’s because pets have become a hit over the last couple of COVID months. With more people staying home, there have been more four-legged household members appearing. The RSPCA reported a 30% increase in pet adoptions over the first wave of COVID.

So with the growing popularity of pets in apartments and a sudden dip in the rental market brought on by the current pandemic - how can you as the landlord set yourself apart? If you are interested in making your rental property pet friendly, here are some tips you can look into. Still unsure? Chat to your YNM property manager, they will be able to help you decide what’s best for your property based on your location, niche target market and type of rental market currently looking for homes.

First off - check the rules. While there are no laws prohibiting pet ownership, apartment and townhouse complexes may have their own bylaws. In NSW, the standard residential tenancy agreement issued by Fair Trading NSW includes an optional term requiring the landlord’s consent, restrictions on the type of animal, and whether carpets need to be professionally cleaned. It’s also important to remember that no blanket ban on pets is permitted anymore in an apartment building anywhere in New South Wales.

Other tips to making your rental property more pet friendly

  • Switch out carpets for more pet friendly options such as tiles or durable hardwood or laminate flooring.
  • Consider installing scratch plates on doors. These can be installed on the bottom half of doors - in either perspex or metal options. Door scratch shields or scratch plates can help prevent damage.
  • If your rental property has a garden, consider planting plants that aren’t easy to dig up. Another thing to consider is animal safety when planting - some plants can be poisonous to cats and dogs.
  • Plan for additional features such as dog kennels or outdoor cat enclosures.

Property management is the perfect solution to managing your rental property - especially if your tenants have pets. Call our team to find out how we can manage your property today!

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