How to Prepare Your New Rental Property for New Tenants

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Just because your target market isn’t buying your property, doesn’t mean you should skip the staging process.

When potential tenants look at property rentals, they consider a lot more than just location and price. They will most likely want to rent something that looks liveable and pristine. And as a landlord, it’s up to you to achieve the ideal look to get those prospects’ interest. Don’t allow your property rental to sit for years without a renter – put these tips into practice to prepare your rental for new tenants.

Clean Everything

A tenant can leave you with some serious cleaning woes. Such as stains on the floor, smelly bathrooms, blurry and uncleaned windows, and accumulated dust, none of which is at all that appealing.

And if you allow prospective tenants to walk in and see your property in this condition, they might end up walking out just as fast.

Take the time to clean your property before you allow anyone to view it. If you have to, hire a cleaning service. While you might think it’s just extra expense, getting your property cleaned will allow you to snag a tenant sooner and get cash flowing faster

In the Details

Put in a little extra effort to make things look pleasant. Give your prospective tenants a blank slate that they can imagine themselves living in.

You don’t have to do anything extravagant. Set a few flowers on the kitchen counter, spray a little scent before they come to view your rental, change the lightbulbs to enhance the ambiance.

All these little things matter and this will help you secure a renter sooner rather than later.

Invest in Repairs

Your property probably saw some wear and tear during the time your previous tenant was there. That’s okay.

As a landlord, it’s up to you to avail of the necessary repairs to get the place running back up to code. Check pipes, wiring, heating, and other features. Make sure everything’s operating smoothly and hire the necessary professionals in case anything seems to be out of shape.

A Fresh Coat

One of the things that can make your property seem like brand new is the paint. Chips and dents on the walls can make your rental look tired and worn out. If your property looks like it could use a splash of colour and life, paint the walls a new shade. The money you spend on this small expense will be very much worth it when those potential tenants start negotiating deals.

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