Keep Your Home Warm or Cool With These Ingenuous Hacks

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19 December 2021

Keeping a house warm or cool may seem a daunting challenge – but it really isn’t! You can pick one of the fascinating state of the art heating or cooling systems and efficiently warm or cool your entire property. You can opt for a massive HVAC unit which can be perennially useful for every nook and corner of your home.

However, these solutions will lead to a skyrocketing energy bill. There is a substantial carbon footprint as well, regardless of the energy star rating or the exact heating and cooling mechanism of the appliance.

Looking for something more efficient and more environmentally friendly? - You need ingenuous ways to keep your house warm or cool. There are many natural ways and some relatively affordable ways to have an ambient setting in your home.

  • You could consider cushy carpets to keep your rooms warm. If such carpets are unaffordable or don’t look very good in your home, you can opt for wooden floorboards and you can get some inexpensive rugs. And remember - Parquet floors are also effective insulators.
  • Once you have taken care of the floors, you need to go for the windows and doors. You should opt for thick curtains for your windows. Opting for woollen curtains or any kind of textile that has an insulating effect will be wise. You can also opt for suede, tweed or velvet. Have you thought about curtains for your doors? We recommend, for optimum effect, have the curtains installed in a manner that they have very little space between them and the windows or doors, the panels or the frames. The lack of space and thus air will facilitate insulation.
  • Go for insulated doors and windows to begin with. You can have doubled glazed windows which are effective. Don’t forget to seal the hinges, gaps and any kind of vents that the doors or the frames may have which will allow the dissipation of heat.
  • There are certain simple steps you can take to have a warm or cool home. Keep all rooms that are not in use closed. Don’t allow the heat or the lack of it in a room where you are presently to be affected by the condition in another room. Many people think of warming or cooling the entire house. You only need those rooms or a given area to be comfortable where you are right now. Warming or cooling any space that you wouldn’t use or be at is a sheer waste of money and resources.

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