Little Bay 101 - Facts About Little Bay

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18 December 2021

Every year, thousands of people visit this prime location to find their little nook in the heart of luxury and sample some of the most enjoyable activities and attractions Australia has to offer. Just 14 kilometres South-East of the Sydney Central Business District is Little Bay. Little Bay boasts an extensive collection of luxury properties and local establishments guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. Find out more about this glistening metropolis by reading some facts about Little Bay.

Facts about Little Bay

• The Little Bay Name – A lot of people wonder where the quaint little name of this beautiful paradise came from and it actually couldn’t be any more obvious than it is. Little Bay got its name from the nearby Long Bay at Malabar with which it shares a striking resemblance.

• Little Bay Rock Pool – One of the most popular attractions in the Little Bay area is the Little Bay Rock Pool. This bathing pool was created from an assortment of beach rocks near the Southern end of the area. Today, the almost 100-year-old pool is still partially intact and can be visited by locals and tourists alike. The bathing pool served as a shark-free bathing for nurses and other health care residents at the Coast Hospital.

• Famous Little Bay Residents – Little Bay has seen its fair share of celebrity residents throughout the years. Among the most prominent were Tony Rafty, a cartoonist, Russel Fairfax, a rugby league professional player, Jane Saville, a race walker, Fiona Stanley, a famous health care professional and doctor, and David Warner, a test cricketer.

• Street Names in Little Bay – A lot of people might not know this, but the street names in Little Bay actually have pretty clever meanings and witty reasons behind them. The Akloo Avenue for example was taken from the Aboriginal word meaning “visitor.” Some other street names include Bega Avenue, taken from an aboriginal word meaning “large camping ground”, Binda Crescent, another aboriginal word meaning deep water, and Abbe Receveur Place, which takes its name from Louis Receveur, a Franciscan friar and scientist.

There’s definitely a lot you can learn about Little Bay, and still much more to enjoy about this culturally rich hot spot. Make sure you brush up on all the Little Bay information you can get your hands on before you head down under to make the most of your trip.

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