Little Bay 101 - History and Landmarks

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18 December 2021

Located 14 kilometres South-East of Sydney Central Business District lies the beautiful location that is Little Bay. Little Bay is known today as one of the best places to live in Australia and one of the richest vacation destinations for tourists. Boasting a collection of beautiful residential properties, an extensive array of local attractions, and a long list of yearly fun-filled activities, Little Bay has cemented its name as one of the most highly sought after places of residence the world over. While it might seem like a giant success today, Little Bay has come a long way from its roots and history. Once upon a time, this thriving metropolis was nothing more than a makeshift camp, serving the single purpose of isolating smallpox victims to protect the rest of the population.

From Humble Beginnings

Back in 1881, smallpox had broken out throughout the population, causing thousands of people to seek treatment for their conditions. The government back then had no choice but to isolate the affected individuals in a place far from the rest of the population to stop the illness from infecting healthy persons. The only place that officials thought of to keep smallpox victims safe and isolated was the then nameless Little Bay. It started off as a tent city where inhabitants lived in small tents that covered most of the area. But because local government officials noticed that the people there might have to stay for a longer time, they decided to establish hospitals in the area to better treat sufferers. Today, two of those hospitals still stand and reflect the once darker days that this little community had struggled through.

Little Bay Landmarks Today

When developers took on the $200 million AUD project, they had no intention of taking down any of the historical landmarks in the area. Wanting to preserve the rich culture and history of Little Bay, they decided to retain the existing points of interest and worked to build around them instead of over them. Today, two landmarks still remain.

The first of the landmarks is the Coast Cemetery where it is believed that up to 2,000 bodies were buried during the smallpox outbreak era. The second is the Interdenominational War Memorial Chapel which now overlooks the well-established Little Bay. These two landmarks can be visited by tourist and locals alike to better share the rich culture and history behind the now glistening metropolis.

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