Looking to Put Your House on the Market? Follow These Simple Tips!

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

Have you ever wondered why some properties sell quickly and why some remain listed for what seems eternity? Unless you own a unique home at a breathtaking location, there isn’t much that separates your property from another in the neighbourhood, suburb or perhaps in the entire state. Sure, there can be differences in the various materials, from flooring to the roofing, but then you are targeting the audience that wants to buy a property like the one you own.

If you are looking to put your house on the market, then you should look at following these simple tips.

• Always try to list your property at the right time. Find out which time of the year in your area is the most preferred by homebuyers. Ask your real estate agent to help you with this if you cannot get relevant statistics.

• Always hire a good real estate agent, one who understands what you want and whom you can trust. Interview as many agents as you want but be sure of the one you are hiring. This is crucial. At YNM, you can be sure you are hiring the best!

• You must prepare your home for the market. Very few properties will sell in an as-is condition. Most homes have to be staged. While many people think staging is just cosmetic enhancement. It is not. You cannot enhance something that is not worthwhile. Start with pressure washing your exteriors, floors, driveway, roofs and other hard surfaces that can bear the force of water blended with a mild cleaning agent. Paint your home, exteriors or interiors or both if it is necessary. Clean up the entire house and make sure it looks nearly as good as new, if not swanky new. And lastly, remember to declutter your home as much as possible!

• Attend to all the maintenance needs of your home. Fix broken tiles, replace old rusted pipes or plumbing fixtures, try to not have any kind of cosmetic or structural problem that is on the face or concealed. Get a professional property inspector if you don’t know the damages in your property.

• Your agent will help you with staging. Seek their help to target the right audience, to choose the right ask price, to develop a marketing strategy and then distance yourself from the whole sale. When homebuyers come walking in, let them be. Being too attached emotionally will compel you to intervene and you may do things that will jeopardise the sale.

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