Marketing the Property – How to Make Your Property Stand Out From the Crowd

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Every property owner wants the most desirable tenant - and as quickly as possible. To accomplish that goal, you need to strategize the entire marketing campaign. Your objective should be to make your property stand out from the crowd. You must do a few things that others are also doing but it is how you do it, and what you showcase that will make your case different. Let us explore some simple ways in which you can market your property more effectively.

  • Begin with the traditional practice of putting up a lease sign at the front of the property, on the lawn, alongside the building or perhaps at the window of the apartment you are trying to rent out. You should use every piece of real estate you have and whatever space you can afford to spare. Let us presume you run a business, put up a board or sign marketing your property at your workplace. This may not be in the same neighbourhood as the property. All with one goal in mind - get as much exposure as you can.
  • Ensure you have an online presence. Use sites that have a significant footprint. Sites like and are starters. You can use different classifieds and then there is social media. From Facebook to Instagram or even Twitter, use all available media. These media don’t cost money and you can even use sponsored ads if you think it will help.
  • While being aggressive on social media or virtual media, do not forget the humble newspaper. There are millions of people around the country who still use the newspaper for their daily dose of updates. There are real estate sections that people still use to find available properties, for rent or for sale and for auction.
  • Marketing a property is one thing, garnering relevant traction is different. You need to generate interest and must get prospective leads. Use application forms through different channels so that it becomes easy for you to gather information about leads and the prospective tenants also feel involved. This will influence interest.
  • Advertise your property well. Use pictures, visual tours or videos to make your property look desirable. You can have presentations on various sites. You should use all relevant information to describe your property and help prospective tenants to visualise what you are presenting. Use inspection reports to instil trust that what you are presenting is indeed desirable.

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