Moving With Pets – Here Are Some Handy Tips!

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

Moving with pets can be a daunting challenge. But it doesn’t have to be a herculean task. All you need is a planned approach. Make a checklist of sorts for your pet and you would find it effortlessly easy. There could be some surprises but being a pet owner, you are perhaps accustomed with a few unexpected developments.

Here are some tips to help you move with pets.

  • When you check out your dream home or even if you are moving into a new rented place, you must factor in the needs of your pet. Many families and especially those who live alone, and thus settle for smaller or more compact homes, forget that they must account for the space needed for their pets. Many people have to give up on their pets for this sole reason. You need enough space for your canine, feline or birdie. The space could be more or less than what you have or had but there should be enough living space.
  • Before the date of moving, you should go out shopping and you should get your pet checked up by the local vet. Shopping is otherwise simple. You need a nice, comfy cage or a crate, seatbelt restraints or a travel box that doubles up as a temporary portable home. You must ensure that the carrier is safe and wouldn’t create an environment that the pet would feel suffocated in. You should consider whether you would be driving in a car or you would have to board a train. Where you are moving to will determine the kind of carrier you need.
  • Visiting a vet is necessary because the pet may have a pending shot. It may have to comply with a diet and a particular hydrating requisite prior to embarking on the trip. Stress caused by traveling, dehydration and even anxiety can cause health problems in your pet. Visiting a vet will allow you to know if your pet is ready and prepped to make the trip.
  • Once you are in your new home, make a space for your pet and let it get accustomed with the setting. Don’t let your dog or cat out. Keep your bird in the cage. They should be protected at all times. In a new place, a pet may be tempted to find out what’s around them. There can be many distractions and intriguing occurrences for a pet. Trying to explore the immediate surrounding may not be safe. You too would have to understand how safe the neighbourhood is over time.
  • Contact a local vet, make a list of available pet sitters or walkers in the area and explore the dog parks or any other place where you can take your pet to when you are free.
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