Building? You need to know these things before you start!

Building your own home can be exciting – but it can quickly become overwhelming and scary. From finance management to understanding your builder’s lingo, building can be a very stressful time in most people’s lives.

Before you commit yourself to build your own home, here are a few things you need to consider.

  • Before purchasing land, understand how your potential house will fit on the property. This should also be done before deciding or researching possible floor plans – as you may fall in love with a floor plan that won’t work with your purchased land.
  • When you are planning your floor plan, be considerate of your home’s orientation on the land. How will the sun, wind – or other natural and seasonal elements – affect your house?
  • If you are buying a building package then it will be important for you to fully understand what is included in the quote as well as what will be excluded from the quote. Standard packages will include essentials – with any extra’s as an additional cost to you.
  • More and more buyers are taking steps to build environmentally friendly homes, this, however, will affect your build budget. Proper research will help you with outlining your initial budget requirements.

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