Checklist for selling your home

Selling your home can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. You may be excited for the move ahead – but getting the right price on your current home may be a scary prospect. There is also a lot of legal jargon to get acquainted with, open houses and tricky negotiations – here’s the ultimate checklist when selling your home.

  • Presentation is key to get the right buyer to put down his or her signature!
  • Choose a strong local agent, one that truly understands the market conditions
  • Do proper research, knowledge is power and will help you in the long run when discussing the final details with your agent regarding the sale of your home
  • Ensure that your home is in tip top shape, tidy up your garden or complete any general maintenance that needs attention
  • Consider working with a favourable timeline when selling your home. Avoid school holidays or extended public holiday periods.
  • Set a price that is relevant to your local market sales and trends, your agent will be able to advise
  • Get your marketing up to scratch, photos are key to attracting buyers. If your agent doesn’t provide a professional photographer, then consider hiring one to take photos of your home.

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