Decorating ideas for any apartment

Apartments can be tricky when decorating – smaller spaces can mean that your big ideas don’t quite fit. Here are a few clever to use when decorating any apartment

  1. Start with a basic footprint or layout design before decorating.
  2. Try to opt for lighter colours to keep your space feeling airy.
  3. Keep clutter to a minimum - storage is important, choose furniture that is dual purpose
  4. Darker floors will help accentuate intimacy of the space as well as ground neutral and lighter furniture and rooms.
  5. Nesting side tables create space by folding into each other but offer an option for extra surfaces when you have guests.
  6. Balance is key when decorating apartments, be careful to not over-decorate. Select key pieces that showcase your personality.
  7. Contemporary styling when a refined masculine edge works well in most apartments. Geometric lines and well-placed moody tones accentuated with textural layering will bring this style to life.
  8. Extendable dining room tables are perfect for those who regularly have company or entertain.
  9. Floor rugs offer a great way to ground a room and create a softer feel in your home.

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