Design myths that you should ignore

If you aren’t a professional interior designer then redecorating your home may just become overwhelming with all of the advice out there.

Here are a few myths that you should definitely ignore – home design myths busted!

The ceiling has to be white

While white is the typical colour for a ceiling, it really doesn’t have to be white. Another option could be painting the ceiling two shades lighter than the wall colour – this will actually help the room feel more airy and spacious.

If you want to make the room look bigger – paint it white

While white rooms are great for a modern and minimalist aesthetic, it is unfortunately just a myth that white walls will make a room look larger. Colour actually creates a depth and interest which help your eyes to move from darker to lighter colours – creating the perception of space.

Everything should match

Not everything in your room should match – it’s actually better to have a cohesive look using pieces that coordinate with each others. Mix and match your styles – and choose items that you love but also that visually balance each other.

Sofas and couches should always go against the wall

Sofas are typically the largest piece of furniture in your living room – making it the focal point. If you have some space to play within your living room, then don’t put your sofa or couch against the wall – there are many other options that will create visual interest. Try putting your sofa or couch on a diagonal which may make the room seem a little larger – or try adding a walkway behind it to allow traffic to move around your furniture.

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