Choosing good tenants can make or break your experience when owning investment property. Being a landlord can be a full time job even with great tenants - the last thing you want is a not-so-great experience. 

Here are a couple of ways you can find the best tenants

Marketing your property

Attracting good tenants starts with great marketing! Ensuring that you reach your ideal tenants is the first step - this is done through great images of your property and well written rental ads. Reaching potential tenants via reputable property websites is another great way to reach the right audience.

Verifying tenant applications

From checking your applicant’s job history to verifying income, proper verification needs to be done as part of your application process. Depending on how many applicants you have, this can be a tedious and time consuming task - and it’s not a task that you should skip over!

Communication is key

A tell tale sign of a potentially great tenant is great and easy communication - use your application process as a way to test communication with your potential tenants. A couple of key indicators of easy communication include how easy it is to reach them as well as how quickly they get back to you.

Work with the right property management team

If you’re a property owner with tenants renting then you need a property manager! A quick and easy way to make your life easier is by hiring a property manager to handle your property for you. Marketing your property, handling the tenancy application process and managing your tenant are just a few of the services offered - making your life a whole lot easier!

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