Habits that can damage your home

What if we told you that some of the below lazy household behaviours can actually cause long term damage to your property? – maybe even lowering its value in the long run.

Not cleaning filters in appliances

Ignoring the filters can create problems later on – issues that can arise can include a reduction in an appliance’s efficiency making them use more power. Other appliances, such as clothes dryers, have lint filters – failing to clean these can lead to household fires. Remember to check all of your appliance manuals to understand their filters and how often they need to be cleaned or changed – appliances include air conditioners, fridges, dishwashers etc.

Leaving laptops and other devices charging

Do you leave your computer or laptop on charge while you leave the house or overnight? Seems harmless right? Apparently not – this can be a fire hazard. Fires can be caused by laptops left on charge – and depend on the battery quality as well as the quality of the charging cable.

Not opening the windows

Do you have a hot shower before running out to work? If you, like many others, forget to open your windows then perhaps now is the time to change up your habits. Not airing out your home can create a mould friendly environment. Mould spores are very very unhealthy – get a good breeze going and if you haven’t already, install a ventilation fan in your bathroom to help defog any steam.

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