How to choose the right white wall for your home

A white wall speaks to sophistication and timelessness. A backdrop to feature bold colours and décor choices – a white wall is also a great choice for rental properties, but did you know that the choice of white paint may not be as simple as you originally thought?

There are hundreds of different paint choices to consider – we have some simple tips to make your white wall a success!

  • Get a good feel for the space you want to paint

What size is the room, how much natural light does it get and what type of furniture does the room hold. Answering these questions will help you get a better feel for the type of white hue you should paint the walls.

  • Consider the tone

All white variations have a white undertone – a subtle colour that will appear through the paints base. The different tones will impact the feel and look of the room in different light and shaded areas.

Warm whites have yellow, red or brown as their undertones. Warm whites are used for a cosy feel and complement furniture that have warmer hues. Warmer whites are best suited for smaller rooms with less natural light. Cooler white undertones, on the other hand, have hints of grey, blue, green and work well in rooms that receive a lot of sun.

White walls offer you endless possibilities in instantly changing up the look and feel of your space. They are also great for rentals, giving your tenant the opportunity to create a space of their own.

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