How to customise your cookie cutter apartment

Do you live in a modern apartment development? Then chances are that it’s probably a standard layout and design – developers most times will build the most cost-effective and time-efficient option than create something bespoke and unique.

There are ways you can make a difference in your apartment – here are fixes to customise your cookie cutter apartment.

Plan out your floor layout

A floor plan is the start to any good living experience. Consideration into your available space, furniture proportions and light are areas where you can start. Another good point to look into is if your apartment has any connection to the outdoors – and how you can enhance it.

Custom cabinetry and joinery

Bespoke design can be brought into your home through custom fittings and fixtures – perhaps a custom cupboard or floor to ceiling book shelf. Inject your personality with a few good fittings to enhance your home.

Find finishes that speak to you

If structural changes aren’t on your agenda, then consider updating the fixtures and finishes to better suit you. There are many options on the market – to suit every taste and budget.

Light up your home

Lighting is an art – from floor lamps, table lamps, spotlights and wall sconces. Each option offers a new way for you to light up your space the way you want to.  

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