Have you ever wondered how you can make your property bring in a bigger return? Investing in property comes with many responsibilities - but it also comes with many benefits and returns. Getting the most out of your property begins with putting your property in the hands of an expert property management team. Here are some of the ways we can help you to get the most from your investment property.

Expert advice and guidance

At YNM, our property managers are area experts around Sydney. We are able to offer expert guidance and advice for your property - from finding the right tenant niche to providing guidance on what improvements will bring the biggest rental yield for your property.

Regular and routine inspections

One of the biggest tasks of being a property owner and landlord is conducting regular and routine inspections. Our property management team will conduct these inspections on your behalf, ensuring that your property is being cared for. It also helps you as the property owner to keep abreast of maintenance needs. Routine inspections include making sure that the following, among other things, are in good working order:

On hand to manage communication and disputes on your behalf

Should your tenant have a maintenance issue or request - or simply have a query about their rental, they will be able to contact our team at any point for assistance. Our property managers are on hand and available to assist with all tenant communication on your behalf. Should a dispute arise, our team will be able to guide you through the process and mediate the negotiation.

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