How to make your house a home

Have you ever stayed in a house that just didn’t quite feel like home? Creating a home filled with spaces you love is easier than you may think! A home is created through bringing to life your own personal style, creating spaces you love and adding items that are sentimental to you.

Here are a few things you can do today to make your house a home

Updating your entryway

Hallways or entryways are important as they offer an opportunity to put yourself – and your guests – at ease. Providing a warm welcome and setting up the style tone for your house are all done in those first couple of minutes when entering a house.

Adding proper lighting as well as mirrors are essential for adding light and accentuating the space. Beautiful bowls or baskets can be added to store everyday items that you instantly want to put down after entering – sunglasses, loose change, house keys.

Declutter your living room

Often referred to as the hub to the home, your living room should be filled with items that represent you – and further tell your story. But all too frequently, living rooms become cluttered and filled to the brim with oversized furniture and knick-knacks. Take your time to select pieces that fit into your space and showcase your personality.

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