How to prevent air pollution in your home

With an average Australian spending almost all of their time indoors, have you considered your safety when it comes to air pollution in your home?

While air pollution is usually a topic when outdoors – did you know that poor air quality indoors can actually make you sick?

Here are some great tips to prevent poor air quality indoors.

Prevent humid conditions

High humidity can lead to mould growth in your home. While high humidity is usually limited to your bathroom, summer heat can also cause concern. Humid air can enter your home through open windows and can create moist environments in cupboards – fungal spores in the air will thrive in such conditions and grow mould. Good ventilation, air conditioners, silica gel pouches and dehumidifiers are great ways at drying the air out.

Don’t smoke indoors

Smoking produces particles and carbon monoxide – these particles will accumulate in softer furniture such as couches or curtains. Carbon monoxide decreases your body’s ability to circulate oxygen.

Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate!

Did you know new furniture, glue and even cleaning products release gasses into the atmosphere? Most are safe, however, it’s always important to read labels and keep your home well ventilated.

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