One of the key factors to making your investment property a success is generating a consistent and reliable rental yield - while ensuring that your property is maintained. This all boils down to securing - and keeping - the perfect long term tenant. And keeping the perfect tenant has a lot to do with what kind of landlord you are!

So how can you be a good landlord? All of these areas are covered in our property management services!

Keep in contact 

As a landlord, it's important that you are easily accessible and available to your tenant when they need you - perhaps your tenant has questions about the property or they have a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Having an open channel for communication and a good relationship is one of the most important factors to making your rental agreement successful.

Know your tenants rights and responsibilities

There are many rules and regulations that you need to know and follow as a landlord. These are in place to protect both yourself and your tenants - and there are updates from time to time so it’s important to keep up to date in any that may arise. As a landlord, it’s important to know your tenants rights and responsibilities as well as know your own responsibilities and rights as a landlord. Knowing and sticking to these are a benefit to both yourself and your tenants - your property management team is on hand to help with any of these regulations.

Remain professional and polite

As a neutral third party, your property manager is able to keep a professional and polite relationship with your tenant. As a landlord dealing with a tenant directly, it’s easy to navigate yourself into a friendly relationship - unfortunately, this is not always the best case scenario and can land you in some pretty difficult situations.

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